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Ominous- Jeff The Killer x Reader Ch.9
You felt a chill run down your back.
The screaming continued echoing off the walls, until you couldn't take it anymore.
Disobeying Jeff's orders, you slowly tiptoed down the upstairs hallway. The screaming became clearer until you could make out words.
"Please no! I'm begging you!"
The voice didn't belong to Jeff, or anyone else you could think of. You could hear noises like water hitting a hard floor.
A voice of complete and utter insanity.
You swallowed heavily and moved closer to one wall, inching your way downstairs.
The screaming died down and was replaced with choking noises, then silence.
The laughter however, continued, and suddenly you wanted to turn and run back upstairs.
You didn't want to know what just happened.
As you turned the corner you saw the door that lead to a garage.
The sounds had come from there.
You gripped the metal door handle and twisted it, quietly opening the wooden door.
You wanted to vomit.
The sickeningly metalic smell of blood hit
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Ominous- Jeff The Killer x Reader Ch.8
You could still smell the alcohol on their breaths.
Their hands around your throat, strangling you.
You screamed and tried to move, but you felt frozen in place.
You could hear someone calling your name.
But you were suffocating
 Dont touch me.
The feeling of their cold hands, the pain in your face.
Get away.
 Your eyes snapped open, only to be met by darkness.
You could feel someones grip on your shoulder, shaking you.
Sitting up quickly and curling into a ball, you shook the hand off you and screamed.
"Stop! Stop it!"
The hand in the darkness reached for you again.
"No! Stay away from me!"
"______, it's just me!" A familiar voice said. It sounded exasperated, as if they had just awoken.
As your tear filled eyes adjusted to the darkness, you saw the figure stand and move to the opposite end of the room, switching on the light.
The sudden brightness stung your eyes.
Standing near the doorway, watching you with a cautioned expression was Jeff.
:iconmidnightrainbowfire:MidnightRainbowFire 51 11
Ominous- Jeff The Killer x Reader Ch.7
Jeff had directed you to the shower. Which was in a separate room downstairs.
The building you were in was an old house, instead of a dingy warehouse.
He had given you your duffel bag, and you wondered how he had retrieved it after the cops had found the warehouse.
While the warm water ran over your skin, you thought about when and how Jeff would kill you.
If you were just some ordinary victim, why hadn't he killed you already?
Was he really so strict as to only kill healthy victims? Ones that could try to run, or fight back?
You shut off the faucet and dried off with the towel that Jeff had left on the sink.
You brushed your teeth, combed out your knotted hair, and pulled it back into a ponytail, grateful that you had remembered to pack your comb.
After dressing in a pair of jeans and a black hoodie, you headed back into the empty living room, where Jeff was waiting by the front door.
He wore a gray baseball cap over his head, which framed by his wild black hair, hid half of his face.
:iconmidnightrainbowfire:MidnightRainbowFire 54 21
Ominous- Jeff The Killer x Reader Ch.6
You could hear a voice...
Every once in a while it would say something incoherent.
There was a numbness in your side, and then you remembered.
You had been running away from the police and a bullet had hit you.
Were you still alive?
It stayed this way for what seemed like forever. Your eyes wouldn't open, but you still heard that familiar voice.
After seemingly an eternity had passed, your eyes slowly opened.
Thankfully there was no blinding light, or pain.
You were lying on an old blanket with a makeshift pillow under your head.
You could see Jeff on the other side of the room, his back facing you.
You watched for a few moments, as he poured something onto a cloth and squeezed out the excess liquid.
When he turned around, his eyes met yours.
He seemed surprised to see you awake.
Taking a few steps closer he kneeled down next to you.
"You actually woke up." He said. "I was afr- I thought wouldn't make it.
"What happened to me?" You croaked.
Jeff reached down and lifted the blanket off
:iconmidnightrainbowfire:MidnightRainbowFire 46 15
Free Me (Ben Drowned x Reader) (FINALE)
"BEN...?" You choked out.
There was an eerie silence that punched your heart with each second that passed.
Your eyes searched the room desperately, trying to find him.
Nothing but darkness, the sound of dripping water, and frigid air.
The tears that clouded your vision and rolled down your cheeks seemed without end.
You simply sat there, a lost child, far to gone from reality to move an inch.
Your lips moved to say a name; his name. But your voice failed you.
Where there was once the soft, gentle hold of his arms, there was nothing.
You could still feel the lingering effect of his words, and the way they were shatterd like glass in the very next moment.
Your thoughts were blank.
You stood very slowly, staggering pitifully before fully gaining your balance.
Following the door at the end of the room, you wandered towards.... something.
You ignored the body of your brother slumped against the bloodstained concrete wall.
You ignored the scattered rocks, and nearly uprooted trees.
:iconmidnightrainbowfire:MidnightRainbowFire 207 190
Free Me (BEN Drowned x Reader) Part 14
Listening to this: while reading is highly recommended.
Narrator P.O.V.
You could hear...
You couldn't understand why.
Were you still alive?
Your eyes opened slowly.
Next to you a familiar song rang out.
It was beautiful.
You knew exactly what it was.
Your body was on the cold concrete floor and you could see the outline of BEN's tunic in the corner of your vision.
The pain in your chest was still there, but it slowly faded, as if you had taken painkillers.
You turned and saw BEN there, holding a blue ocarina to his lips.
But that song.
"BEN?" You called.
BEN's attention quickly went to you. He lowered the instrument away from his lips, seeming relieved that you were awake. He moved closer to you and placed a hand gently on your cheek.
"Its working. Just keep still for a little while longer."
He noticed your blank, confused expression and tilted his head.
He had played the song of healing.
You remembered from many years ag
:iconmidnightrainbowfire:MidnightRainbowFire 160 122
Free Me (BEN Drowned x Reader) Part 13
"This is my fault." He whispered.
The bullet had just missed your heart, but the blood pouring on the ground meant a dead end for you.
You didn't know where the nearest hospital was. Heck you didnt even know where you were. By the time you got there you would die from blood loss.
The shock from the wound began turning to pain.
But this was for the best right?
It's what you had asked for.
"BEN its okay... at least you stopped. I didn't want you to do anything you'd regret. Here-"
You touched your wound and blood smeared or your fingers. You held it up to him.
"Now you can be free."
BEN expression hardened. He pushed your hand away.
"Dont be stupid _____. Theres no way I can accept that; not after what I've done to you."
Your heart sank. 
What was he saying?
"But... you..."
You didn't understand. This would make him free.
It's what he always wanted.
"I don't need it anymore. It's not important. Listen-"
"No, you listen." You said quickly. "Shut up and listen to me. I loved that boy
:iconmidnightrainbowfire:MidnightRainbowFire 120 32
Free Me (BEN Drowned x Reader) Part 12
You watched in shock as the broken grey pieces hit the floor like rain. You quickly ran to him, grabbing ahold of his shoulders.
"BEN wha-"
BEN simply moved you aside and smiled down at Alex.
You weren't sure why, but something about BEN's aura seemed off.
"Stupid human. Did you actually think I could be killed?"
"Stay away from my sister." Alex growled.
"______ is mine." BEN said simply.
Alex's face contorted angrily.
"You don't belong in this world. You should have died all those years ago when you drowned you goddamn abomination."
That was the last straw for BEN.
He took a step towards Alex, fists clenched.
"It's really simple actually. My little games with you and your sister were merely to pass the time. But now I think its time to fulfill my original plans:"
Original plans?
BEN's eye color intensified until it became hard to look at.
His smile quickly morphed into something more sinister.
"Making this entire world mine."
BEN's words scared you.
In an instant you could feel y
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Free Me (BEN Drowned x Reader) Part 11
"W-Why would you..."
Alex face was cold, his eyes narrowed.
He took a step closer, crushing the remains of your cellphone under his boots.
"This isn't a game ______. This is real."
"Stay away from me."You said, backing away slowly.
Alex shook his head and walked over to the sofa.
He grabbed a round object and brought it into view.
It was a roll of duct tape.
"Looks like we're gonna have to do this the hard way." He said, unraveling a foot of the tape and walking towards you slowly.
Panic set in and you ran for the front door. Alex however was much quicker and blocked your path, twisting your arms behind your back.
You screamed and thrashed as he tied the tape around your wrists tightly.
"Let me go! Somebody help me!" 
But your parents weren't home and there was no phone.
It really was pointless.
"What are you planning to do?" You demanded.
The pain from the tape around your wrists made you hunch over as Alex grabbed you by your hair and dragged you towards the back door.
"Lucky fo
:iconmidnightrainbowfire:MidnightRainbowFire 127 81
Free Me (BEN Drowned x Reader) Part 10
"BEN, you're not making any sense..." You said, backing away slowly.
Your head hurt. What was he talking about. 
What did "us" mean?
BEN's shoulders slumped.
"I don't expect you to remember. We were only little kids at the time." 
What happened between you two that you couldn't remember?
"Just tell me, please." You whispered.
BEN looked hesitant. He balled his hands into tight fists on his lap until his knuckles were white.
"I'll show you."
The green and red lights came again, but this time they surrounded only you. You looked up at BEN and furrowed your brows, but he just nodded curtly.
In the next moment, you were in darkness.
You could feel soft grass under your knees. 
Opening your eyes you scanned your surroundings.
It was a park, not too far down the road from your house. Your eyes spotted two young children sitting on one of the nearby benches.
One held a striking resemblance to you. The other, a blond boy about seven or eight, was harder to recogniz
:iconmidnightrainbowfire:MidnightRainbowFire 129 46
Free Me (BEN Drowned x Reader) Part 9
You awoke to the smell of pancakes and bacon.
Sitting up slowly you looked around the room. No sign of BEN. He was probably sleeping in your phone.
Do people like him even need to sleep?
Not wasting time pondering over it you slid out of bed and combed through your hair.
You grabbed your phone and headed downstairs to find the source of the delicious smell.
Alex was in front of the stove, flipping over a perfectly tanned pancake. He turned around and spotted you, smiling.
"Morning little sis." 
"Morning big bro." You said teased, yawning.
You sat down at the breakfast bar and rested your head in your hands, watching Alex cook for a few minutes.
He remained eerily silent. Not adressing you again until he brought over your food. You moved to the dining room table and sat. As he was setting it on the table he gave a seemingly forced smile.
"Did you sleep well?"
You brushed the odd behavior off and gave him a casual thumbs up.
"No nightmares?" He continued sitting
:iconmidnightrainbowfire:MidnightRainbowFire 134 26
Immortals- Jeff The Killer x Reader Part 22
      _______ was sitting quietly at her desk, doodling in her notebook as usual.
Her teacher had already finished the lesson, and had given her students free time for the rest of the class period, from what Jeff could hear.
Jeffrey Woods was crouched low behind one of the freshly trimmed hedges near the window.
It had been left slightly open and he could hear the conversations inside, along with _______ who was humming what Jeff recognized as her favorite song.
Ocassionally he would rise a little on his toes and peer into the window, careful not to draw any attention.
She was beautiful as always. Her (e/c) eyes not noticing the blue of his own.
Jeff longed for the moment when they would lock eyes for the first time.
Jeff continued to stare as _______ started drumming her pencil on the desk in rhythm with the music playing in her headphones. She looked up from her drawing for a moment, her head turning towards the window. Jeff quickly crouched down, out of sight.
:iconmidnightrainbowfire:MidnightRainbowFire 110 45
Free Me (BEN Drowned x Reader) Part 8
"How did you possess the cartridge?"
"I'm not really sure. I kept fighting for something to keep me alive. The cartridge was there." BEN answered. "The cartridge being put in the water messed up the game. Terrible things happened."
"Oh." Was all you could say.
You could remember the horrifying, distorted, twisted things that happened when your brother played the game. Had BEN felt all of that?
The psychological and physical torture he must have went through...
"Why do-"
"My energy is low." He cut you off. "You should go downstairs and talk to your parents. I'll be in your phone."
He didn't let you respond. BEN faded away and entered your phone, the screen breifly flashing a bright red before shutting off.
You sighed and slowly got out of bed. You changed into a pair of comfortable yoga pants and a lose fitting grey t-shirt. 
That's when you heard the sound of glass shattering.
"Mom!?" You yelled, sprinting down the stairs and into the kitchen.
 Standing in front of you was yo
:iconmidnightrainbowfire:MidnightRainbowFire 188 89
Free Me (BEN Drowned x Reader) Part 7
You slowly stood up, eyeing Marc suspiciously.
"Why did you uh... lock the door?" You chuckled nervously.
Marc just shrugged and gave you a strange look. 
"We wouldn't want anybody interrupting us."
He sauntered closer, forcing you to back up against the wall.
"What are you doing?" You asked fear evident in your voice.
"I've wanted you for a long time _______ and I always get what I want." 
Realization hit you like a brick to the temple.
BEN was right.
Marc didn't care about you.
 "Sorry but I'm leaving."
You tried to maneuver around him but Marc placed an arm on both of your shoulders, blocking your escape.
"Marc stop. Let me go!" You growled, kneeing him in the groin.
Marc groaned in pain, and you took the opportunity to run straight for the door, pulling and hitting it.
"Help me! Somebody open the door!"
You wriggled the door handle and pounded on the door until your hand stung.
It was no use, the music was too loud for anyone to hear. They would already assume someon
:iconmidnightrainbowfire:MidnightRainbowFire 148 38
Free Me (BEN Drowned x Reader) Part 6
BEN had decided to leave you alone for the rest of the day after your mother had returned home. 
The constant dread of BEN lurking was taking a toll of your mind. You put the cellphone on the floor in the corner of your room, on the opposite side from your bed.
You wanted BEN as far away from you as possible.
You drifted off into a restless sleep, not wanting to go to school completely exhausted.
BEN's energy hovered about your room watching you toss and turn in your sleep.
BEN had dug himself into a small hole. Of course, freedom was his true goal, but sacrificing his ability to torture you until you broke? That was more than displeasing to him.
Even he had to admit however, that your willpower and tenacity were admirable.
Dislocating your own wrist just to get away from him wasn't something he had anticipated. 
But something about it bothered him. He couldn't quite put his finger on it.
However he didn't dwell on it, insted he watched you sleep.
You looked so vulnerable, he
:iconmidnightrainbowfire:MidnightRainbowFire 145 42
Faceless (Slenderman x Reader) Part 10
"Hey... ______" He gazed at you sadly.
You were completely lost
"Jeff... your... w-what just happened?" You asked.
Jeff just shook his head.
"It's a bit complicated."
You turned to glance back at the others. In the place of the strange faces you had seen before, were the faces of your friends.
"Please... just tell me something.... anything. Am I crazy?"
You looked at all of them impatiently. There had to be an explanation for what you just saw.
Jane let out a resignated sigh.
"Listen ______. We aren't who you think we are."
"Clearly." You said a little harsher than intended. Jane looked a little hurt by your words.
Jeff placed a hand on your shoulder.
"________. I don't want you to hate us. And we don't want to hurt you. Just hear me out for a minute, okay?"
You nodded.
Jeff took your hand and sat with you near the fire across from Ben and Dante, who looked at bit shaken.
"I started my life as a typical teenage guy moving to a new town.
My brother and I never messed with anyone, until
:iconmidnightrainbowfire:MidnightRainbowFire 140 95


Mommy's Little Girl by sabishiidesu13 Mommy's Little Girl :iconsabishiidesu13:sabishiidesu13 2,490 293 Euphoria Manga Cover 1 by Suihara Euphoria Manga Cover 1 :iconsuihara:Suihara 792 192 [TNRA 2] Pg. 57 by Jourd4n [TNRA 2] Pg. 57 :iconjourd4n:Jourd4n 4 0
Loki x Reader: Unwanted Endeavors Chapter 17
To say that Volstagg, Fandrall, and Hogun were excited to see you would be an understatement. As soon as you set foot in the room where the three were, you were bombarded by shouts and hugs from the warriors three. Volstagg refrained from capturing you in a bear hug because of your injury, but could barely contain his joy nonetheless. Fandrall embraced you and once again tried to confess to you, but failed when Sif smacked the back of his head. Even Hogun, who was usually quiet and reserved, indulged himself in a silent smile when he saw you.
Sif quickly filled them in on your planned visit to Loki. Fandrall and Volstagg immediately objected, protesting about Loki's instability and your safety. Sif agreed, but pointed out that if Loki didn't injure you already, he wouldn't do it now. There was some squabbling about this, until you mentioned Odin had agreed to this, upon which all went silent.
Fandrall held the bridge of his nose in between his fingers and let out a heavy sigh. "As much
:iconzephyros22:Zephyros22 132 36
Going ghost by kawacy Going ghost :iconkawacy:kawacy 13,792 602
See You Later (Midna X Link)
“Thank you...”
Tiny particles of glass glided across his skin, slicing his hands and drawing blood, but the Hero of Twilight simply ignored it. His mind was set somewhere else entirely; to someone that would currently be in the other side of this world.
And his hands, they were moving on their own record. The battle-worn digits were busily hovering this way and that, picking up pieces of sharp glass and laying them tight against each other, almost as if piecing together a broken puzzle. Ruby droplets of blood dripped down his hands and to the glass, but he simply wiped it with the hem of his shirt and continued on.
“Well, the Princess spoke truly: as long as the mirror is around, we can meet again…”
As he was working, he curiously wondered. What did the twili mean to say before they had parted? It was obvious that she
:iconfirework615:Firework615 13 17
Beauty and the Clean Freak (Levi x F!Reader) [AU]9
Beauty and the Clean Freak
Chapter 9

Letting Go
You and Levi were in the balcony connected to the banquet hall after having a filling meal along with his staff to celebrate Christmas. The two of you were leaning against an intricately designed iron railing as you admired the beauty of the snow covered orchard in the moonlight. The King, however, was biting his bottom lip in anxiousness as he attempted to gather the courage to finally confess his feelings for you. Out of the corner of his eye, he couldn’t help but notice the way the breeze teased a few tresses of your loosely curled (Hair colour) hair, the tranquillity reflected in your (Eye colour) eyes and your enticing, rouge lips.
Get your mind out of the goddamn gutter, moron. Levi inwardly scolded himself, blushing lightly in embarrassment over his slightly steamy fantasy. Focus, Levi, focus.
He shut his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, feeling tongued tied as he s
:iconinfinitelytangled:infinitelytangled 110 36
Drag me down.. by kawacy Drag me down.. :iconkawacy:kawacy 9,483 244 Birth of Levi by Dantelian Birth of Levi :icondantelian:Dantelian 629 65 ACWNR Levi by Dantelian ACWNR Levi :icondantelian:Dantelian 530 37 The joy of creation by kawacy The joy of creation :iconkawacy:kawacy 12,536 559
America X Reader: Its Dark...
"Alfred....I'm scared."
"Don't worry babe, the hero's got it covered!"

You heard him stomp his foot and the once dark room lit up.
"Man, I knew these Sketchers would come in handy!"
:iconcelestine-nova:Celestine-Nova 17 5
Come spend five nights with me by kawacy Come spend five nights with me :iconkawacy:kawacy 11,310 441
Vaati x Reader Part 9

You awoke to coldness. Cold surrounded you and you felt the need to cling to something warm. Reaching over to your hubby (What I like to call husbands), you found he wasn't there. You were a bit irritated at this. Opening your eyes and sitting up, you found he wasn't in the bed at all. You rubbed the sleep from your eyes, letting out a loud yawn as you wiggled to the edge of the bed.
You flinched at the coldness of the floor when your bare feet made contact with it. You pulled your feet from the floor before placing them back down and making your way to the bathroom. You looked in the mirror, eyes widening at the sight. You let out a yell of surprise.
"Oops. That's just me."
You let out a chuckle at your own joke, but it was a dry chuckle. 'That wasn't very funny.' You said to your self as you brushed out your hair and drew a bath. While the tub filled, you decided to brush your teeth and get rid of that foul morning breath. Upon wrapping a towel ar
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 29 25

Please donate to make this film possible! I'd really like to see this when it's all finished and it won't be done unless it gets some donations!!
"In the midst of an extinction level pandemic, moral political and spiritual convictions are tested in the wake of a controversial cure."
GO NOW! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U!
For MidnightRainbowFire
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The King Of The Pizzeria 2 by Kamik91 The King Of The Pizzeria 2 :iconkamik91:Kamik91 837 114

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Hey guys. Its been a while. I came back on DA after about a month or so, I cant really remember. I saw a lot of you asking me if I was still around. I am. Recently I've been battling depression and I felt a little unmotivated. Up until this point I didn't realize that writing for you guys is what makes me happy. So I want to get back to that as soon as humanly possible. I'm really sorry for the wait, on Faceless, Ominous and my other stories. I understand If you've had enough of waiting and are kinda just done. Hopefully if there are still any of you guys still around I'd love to keep writing creepypasta fanfic for you guys?

Updates: I wanted to get you guys opinion on something really big. I appreciate the praise on my writing style, and I was wondering if you would be interested if I took the current fanfictions I've written like Ominous and such, and eventually converted them to novel on Wattpad? The character names may need to be changed of course but the story basis would be the same. The original fanfic will still be available but those who might not be familiar with fanfic, creepypasta, or reader inserts would still be able to experience the story. It would be an extened story on wattpad. Please let me know what you think!!

Anyway, I'm still putting ideas together for Faceless, Ominous, Rose the Killer, and possibly POSSIBLY a small prologue/sequel for Free Me.


One again I'm SO sorry for the delay. Depression is really draining and some days I just want to hid under my blankets in the dark and just stay there forever. Writing is part of my home therapy so I want to come back to my followers and make them happy again, and in result, make myself happy again too.

I love you all.

See you through the screen!



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Hey you guys!

I love posting stories and fanfictions, particularly Reader inserts.
I enjoy animes, Dr. Who, and Marvel
I write Reader inserts and draw manga art as a hobby.
Anyway, My current dream is to reach 200,000 page views and 4,000 watchers on DeviantArt.
Oh, and to take over the world.

If there's anything I can do for you, or have feedback for me, just sent me a note.

See you through the screen!


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