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July 12, 2013
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"You're what?" I asked, furrowing my eyebrows.
Jeff sighed. "I'm in love with you..."
Jeff The Killer... was in love with me?
I gulped and my cheeks grew hot. "Why?"
Jeff mumbled something under his breath and looked to the floor.
He didn't speak at first, but then he placed a hand on the side of my head gently.

"I said... You don't remember me?"

At that moment I slipped into a world I had tried so hard to let go of.


I was young, probably only twelve years old.
And I was walking with an old friend.

"Haha! Quit it Jeffy! Don't tug on my hair!" I squeaked, trying to release a section of my hair from his grasp.
"But I always wondered why it smells so nice all the time." He inquired, sniffing it.
"Shampoo? Duh. Besides Your hair is pretty cool too." I added, taking hold of one of his honey brown locks and tugging on it playfully.
His blue eyes suddenly grew sad. "It's a shame though."
"That I'm moving so far away... I might not ever see you again." He frowned, releasing my hair and leaving his hands limply at his sides.
"I know... I sucks. You've been my best friend since we were babies, Your brother Liu too."
"Plus, I'm being picked up early today to catch the plane, so now I wont even have time to hang with you." He added.
I didn't like to see him so unhappy. It didn't suit him.
"Hey Jeffery?"
"Promise me... that from now on, you'll always smile, okay?"
He nodded and pulled me into a tight hug, It lasted for quite a while, but instead of pulling away he hugged me tighter and began to stroke my hair with his hand.
"I... I need to tell you something..." He stepped back and stared into me with blue eyes.
I blushed slightly. "Yes, what is it?"
He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly and bushed crimson red.
"I-I'm... In l-"


His words were cut off by the sound of a loud car horn.
"Jeffery! C'mon we have to get going! Were already late!" Jeff's mom yelled to him.
Jeff frowned, and nodded to his mother, then turned to me. His eyes were glossed with almost-tears.
"I'm sorry... I guess this is goodbye Jeff..." I choked, tears starting to well in my eyes.
I pulled him into one last tight hug, and we cried.
When we broke the hug, he had tears streaming down his face.
I scowled and wiped them away.
"Hey... Remember, Always smile Jeff. No matter what."
He forced a smile and tugged on my hair. "I will."
"Hey broski! Get in the flippin' car man! We gotta be out!" Liu yelled from the back seat of the car.
Jeff turned to go, but not before waving at me and mouthing the words:

"I love you."

After that moment, I hand lost contact with Jeff. And out friendship slipped away.
The infamous stories of Jeff The Killer slipped my notice.
Until my family received a call that Jeff's family had been murdered.
I was crushed, believing that Jeff had been killed too.
Still, I continued on with my life, finding hobbies and interests like writing.
Things that would help keep my mind off of an old friend who no longer was alive.
Soon I became interested in an online story I had read: "Jeff The Killer"
It sounded so freakishly familiar, Even the names in the story were the same: "Jeff and Liu"
I became so disturbed by the story yet so intrigued.
Jeff The Killer had seemed so much like the kid I knew. And It was exciting to believe that he was still alive, just living a macabre but fun life with other "CreepyPastas"
So I became a fangirl.

~End of Flashback~

I jumped backwards, holding my head and gasping for air.
Jeff froze and looked at me, his face laced with concern.
"Y-you're... Oh my God... Jeff?" I stammered, speaking not to a killer... but to an old friend.
He paused for what seemed like an eternity "Yeah... It's me.' He said finally.
I became overwhelmed with happiness, In one movement I glomped Jeff so hard he fell to the floor.
Jeff just laughed and sat up. He pulled me into his arms and held me.
"Its been only four years... But it felt like forever. I wanted to find you again...
I love you..."
His lips met mine for a loving kiss.
When we broke for air we just sat there for a while. Then he chuckled quietly.
"What?" I raised an eyebrow.
"My new family... would totally want to meet you."
My eyes grew wide with excitement. I knew exactly what he meant by 'family'.
I hugged Jeff tightly and smiled.
"Hey... Its getting late. You should go to sleep." He whispered after he noticed me yawning.
I slowly began to drift off to sleep in his arms, completely happy.

Then he tugged on my hair...

... just like the way he used to.

Yay!!! Heres part 4 of Confessions Of A Jeff The Killer Fangirl  :iconkermityayplz:
Enjoy the epic fluffiness.
THE END... or is it/ Mwuhahaha!

I don't own Jeff The Killer
I dont own anything creepy pasta
I belong to Mother Russia
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