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February 25, 2013
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You froze, registering his repeated words in your mind.
"(Insert Nickname)?" He asked.


His voice... It sounded too familiar...
Suddenly everything made sense...

Your friend Jack hates his eyes= "Eyeless" Jack
Eyeless Jack knows your nickname= Your Friend Jack
Your friend Jack= Eyeless Jack

"Oh... my... God... J-jack...?" You gasped, sitting up quickly and backing away.

Jack's father was a surgeon... He was mentally insane...
He murdered his wife- Jack's mother and seventeen of his patients...
He used to bring their organs home with him in plastic bags and hide them in Jack's bedroom when he was little.
Eventually this disturbed Jack...
Jack's eyes were identical to his fathers.
When his father committed suicide, he cut out his eyes and mailed them to his son in a plastic bag.
Ever since then, Jack hated his eyes... Every time he looked in the mirror, all he could see was his fathers dead eyes... staring back at him.

Jack sighed, kneeling beside you and taking you into his arms.
"I'm sorry... Can I have your heart?"
You tensed up. Even though you knew that he meant your love, the idea chilled your blood.
You had had a huge crush on Jack for a long time now but...
You never knew he felt the same way...

"Jack." You smiled, hugging him back tightly. You noticed that the holes where his eyes were was just part of the mask. You reached up and slowly slid the mask upward, revealing his lips. He didn't object.
"You can have my heart..." You whispered, pulling him into a kiss.

After a while, Jack stood.
"Hey. I got something I gotta take care of. I'll be right back." He said, sliding the mask back down and climbing out of the unlocked window in the dining room.
You sighed contently, heading back up to your bed room and slipping under the covers.
You dozed off after a while but were suddenly awakened by someone breathing near you.

"Heheh....Go to sleep..." A masculine voice hissed playfully.
You then heard a loud THUMP and someone yell "Ow!! What the hell man!?!?!"
You quickly leaned over and turned on the lamp on your nightstand, you mouth agape.
Tackle fighting on your bedroom floor was Jack and a boy with long black hair and a bloodstained white hoodie, his mouth was carved into a smile, he had no eyelids, and his skin was mega pale.
"Get off me bro!!!" The boy howled. "Can't you see I was in the middle of a kill?!?!"
"You can't kill her you idiot!!" Jack snapped.
"And why not!?!?!?!" The boy shot back.
"Because she-"
Jack and the boy stopped immediately, looking at you.
"Uh..." The boy stammered. "You know this chick?"
Jack face-palmed "Jeff... This is (Insert Your Name)..."
The boy looked shocked. "Oops... Sorry bro... I didn't know this was her." He turned to you. "Nice to finally meet'cha... I'm Jeff The Killer." 

"Uh... "finally" meet me?" You asked.

Heres part 2 of my Eyeless Jack x Reader story
I don't own Jack or Jeff
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Mistpaw89 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014
I can't stop thinking of one of my ex boyfriends and my new one fighting over me it was so damn funny! They were locked together yelling at my house I was all like "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" and they were like "I MISS YOU!!!"
Mistpaw89 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
Where PART THREE!!!!!!
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yay jeff showed up
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