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January 15, 2013
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You finished packing all of your remaining things in your large orange suitcase, making sure that you had everything you needed. You heard a car horn outside. 
"Must be Aunt Kathy..." You muttered to yourself.
You ran downstairs and opened the front door. Aunt Kathy was in her car, her daughter Amberlyn was in the front passenger seat. You ran out to them, putting your suitcase in the trunk and sliding in the back seat.
"Hey ________." Amberlyn and Kathy said at the same time.
"Hi." You forced a smile. This wasn't exactly a celebration...
As Kathy drove down the road, you took one last look at your home. The 'for sale' sign stuck in the lawn. You allowed only one tear to form before you brushed it away and turned on your ipod. This was going to be a four hour drive.
At some point you had drifted off to sleep.

You awoke to someone poking your arm.
"Wake up ________... were here." Amberlyn handed you your suitcase as you sleepily followed them into the house. It was rather large, with glossy wood floors, a tall staircase, a swimming pool, and even a game room with a 56 inch flat screen Tv.
You had remembered visiting here when you were little.
"Amber, show _________ her room." Kathy said, walking into the kitchen.
Amberlyn just nodded and led you up the staircase and down a long hallway. She pointed to the door at the end of the hall. "That's your room."
You opened the door and saw a rather pretty looking bedroom. One wall was grey, and the others were (Favorite Color).
There was a laptop computer on a desk and a printer. You looked to you left and saw a large, soft looking bed with (Favorite Color) sheets.
"Wow.. this room is nice..." You smiled, Putting your suitcase next to the bed. You noticed there was a window next to your bed. You walked over to it and looked out.
In the backyard was... woods?
"That's Evergreen woods..." Amberlyn said. "Nobody goes in there really."
"I see..." You muttered. The woods really were "Evergreen".
"You can unpack now... Tira is making dinner."
"Who's Tira?" You asked, completely unaware of who that was.
"Tira is our housemaid." Amber said as if it were obvious. When she spoke, she sounded like some of her sentences were questions.
Amberlyn left the room, leaving you with your large orange suitcase.
You sat down on your new bed and unzipped it. The first thing you saw was the picture of you, your mom, and dad at (Amusement Park). You were all smiling huge smiles and eating cotton candy.
You were only 10 when this picture was taken.
"Mom... Dad..." You sniffed as tears streamed down your face. It had only been two weeks since they were killed.
You remembered all to vividly the live video on the news. You watched as the plane they were in had crashed, Right at that moment. Aunt Kathy had tried to cover your ears but it was too late, as the news reporter listed all of the names of the passengers... You parents names were on that list...
Now you were forced to live with your Aunt Kathy and Amberlyn.
You placed the photo next to the laptop and continued to unpack.
Quietly you placed your pants, shirts and other clothes in the dresser drawers and put you shoes and dresses in the closet.
After about an hour, You heard Amber's voice on the intercom that was next to the desk.
"Time to eat."
You headed downstairs and into the dining room, Where Amber and Kathy were sitting. You took a seat across form them as Tira put a plate of (Favorite Dinner) in front of you.
"This is.... my favorite..." You smiled, taking a bite.
"That's why we made it. Because we all like it too." Amberlyn smiled.
"So... Both of you will be starting school soon." Kathy said. "Be sure to help her out Amber."
"Got it."
After you finished eating, you asked Kathy if you could take a walk. She said yes.
After grabbing a sweater and slipping on your old black converses, you headed out the front door. You realized that you really didn't get a good look at the area surrounding the house. It was all...
The house was surrounded by trees and greenery. It was quite beautiful actually. The nearest house was far from this one, giving the house peaceful isolation and plenty of space. You paused, looking at the dark, ominous woods behind the mansion.

It was almost... calling to you....

Finally its here!!
Ya'll was probably like. "Hurry up already!"
So here it is!
P.s. Slenderman is not mentioned in this one, this acts as a sort of introduction. Slenderman will show up later. Promise! And so will another surprise guest!
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