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January 27, 2013
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You awoke to your alarm clock beeping.
Smashing your hand on the 'off' button, you slipped out of bed and into the shower.
You had decided your first outfit the night before,
A (f/c) V-neck T-shirt and black skinny jeans, silver earrings And (f/c) Converses. You combed out your (h/c) hair and grabbed your backpack.
You headed downstairs and went into the kitchen. Amberlyn was standing next to the breakfast bar, eating toast. She looked....

She had on a green silk mini dress, gold sparkly gladiator heels with matching stud earrings, and funky wooden bracelets. Her long blond hair was wavy and fell over on shoulder.
She smiled brilliantly spinning in a circle.
"Sooooo how do I look?"

"Wow Amber you look cool!" You smiled, Amberlyn was always stylish.

"Ready to go?" She asked, picking up her gold designer purse and heading for the door.
You grabbed a pop-tart from the table and followed Amber.

"So.... When's the bus coming?" You asked

Amberlyn looked at you like you had just escaped prison.

"Uh... we have a driver?"

Sure enough a shiny black car drove up and the window rolled down, A young man peeked his head out. "Good morning Miss Amberlyn, Miss _________."

"Hello Solomon." Amberlyn said nonchalantly, opening the car door and sliding in, You got in too and sat next to her.

"Remember ________, this school is pretty crazy, be careful. But you're pretty cool so I'm sure that you will make tons of friends."

"What would I do without your support Amber?" You thought.

After a few short minutes, the car pulled up to the school. You and Amber slipped out of the car and Solomon drove away.

"Welcome to Adrington Academy." Amber said.

"Wow... its.... awesome...."

Students were already heading into the school, Some of them were dressed with similar attire to Amber's, While others dressed like you... Ordinary, but cool.

"Oh... by the way... here's your schedule and list of classes, I gotta get going, See you at lunch and good luck!"
Amberlyn skidded off to meet a group of girls who all looked like they had stepped out of Seventeen Magazine.
You entered the school and began searching for your first class.
Geometry, room 146, Mr. Edwards.
You wandered the (Grade) hallway until you reached Room 146. You walked in and immediatley all eyes were on you. A tall middle aged man with a receding hairline stood and walked over to you, he wore a grey suit and a blue tie.

"Ah yes... You must be our new student Miss ________ correct?"

"Um...Y-yes sir...." You replied, nervous from all the attention drawn to you.

"Welcome to Adrington Academy, and welcome to Geometry. I'm Mr. Edwards."
"Nice t-to meet you."

"You can have a seat there between Miss Arkensaw and Mr. Slender."

He pointed to the empty desk between a girl with piercing violet eyes and long dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail and a boy with shiny black hair and evergreen colored eyes. He wore a black suit and tie and was staring right at you.

"Wow hes cute...." You thought.

"Okay..." You took a seat, immediatley the girl turned to you and smiled.

"Hey new girl. I'm Jane... nice to meet you. And that's my friend Dante over there." She pointed to the boy next to you, who was now staring out the window.

"Hello.... I'm _______."

"I could show you around... since you're new and stuff... Come to think of it... Wanna eat lunch at my table?"

"Sure." You smile, glad to make a new friend this early.

Finally the boy, Dante turned to you. "Nice to meet you." He had a slight German accent.

After Geometry class you wandered again through the hallways, since Jane didn't have the next class with you.

"Next up English class ro-"
You suddenly felt your head hit a locker.
"So... You're the new loser huh?"
A feminine voice cooed. You saw a girl with red hair and a purple dress glaring at you. Her elbow pinned you painfully to the locker.
You of course, tried to be as friendly as possible without ripping this girls hair out.

You didn't want to get suspended on your first day at a new school.
"Back off me please." You said through clenched teeth.
The girl snickered but released you. knocking your books out your hand, and clicking her heels down the hallway. You sighed and got on your knees to pick up your books.
"Need a little help there?" You heard someone say in a british accent.
You looked up and saw a boy, he wore a green tight fitting t-shirt with white sleeves, nerd/hipster glasses, white jeans, and brown boots. His golden hair was partially covered by a green beanie and his blue-green eyes were cheerful. To be honest he looked quite stylish.
"Thanks...." You smiled, grateful for the help.

"That girl was Alisson Bayheart, She such a- nevermind that... You're the new girl right?"

You nodded. "Yeah... I'm ________."

"Oh I heard about you! My names Ben."

Your eyes lit up. "You wouldn't happen to know Amberlyn Fitzgerald would you?"

Ben smiled brightly. "Yeah, That's my girl- um... my close friend... anyway, how do you know her?"

"I'm her cousin." You replied. 

"Well isn't that something? Well I'm afraid I must be going. See you around." Ben handed you your books and headed off down the hallway.
You entered English class in room 149. A young woman with a short blond haircut was writing something on the board, her attention turned towards you.

"Hmm... You must be ________." Her voice sounded very monotone. "You may have a seat next to Timothy and Jason."
You nodded and sat in the empty desk between a shy looking boy with the most adorable face you've ever seen and a guy with long blond hair and brown eyes.
The shy boy turned to you and smiled shyly.

"H-hello... You must be ________."

"Uh-huh... That's me." You smiled back.

"I'm Tim Sutton." The boy turned back to face the teacher.
You turned to your left and saw that the guy with the blond hair was staring you up and down. "Hey beautiful... You new here?"

"Uh... yeah I'm new here."

"Names' Jason... You must be ________."

The boy continues to find moments to flirt with you, and it was starting to get annoying...
"So... Maybe we should hang sometime... huh gorgeous?" Jason asked as you were leaving class.

"I don't know..." You looked down the hallway and saw Dante walking In your direction. He was more attractive then you thought. Your gaze caught his as his face turned red. He quickly turned the corner out, of sight.
You manage to slip past Jason and head towards the Cafeteria.

Lol here's part 4 of Faceless!
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Holy crap i 'm in love with all the  boys heheh and Jason stop flirting with me and go get yo mask and chainsaw or whatever it is you perv
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Wow. What did i just read XD It seems like every student in this school is gorgeous, at least from Author-chan's point of view. I love it :3
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JESUS! SO MANY HOT GUYS!!!! I am a dummy! 
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blue730 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
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I am a dummy! 
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Slender is german
Masky is still super shy but hot
Ben is BRITISH :happybounce: 
Jane probably hates Jeff already XD
And uh... Ya. Sorry If I don't know who Jason is ._. Eyeless Jack? Laughing Jack? NO WAIT, is it Hoodie!?!? Gee, I need to read more Creepypasta xD
Missem111003 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hoodies name is Brian, so that can't be it. Maybe it's an oc?
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