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January 28, 2013
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You sped down the hallway toward the Cafeteria, thankful to get away from Jason. You walked through the door that said: Cafe, and nearly passed out...
The cafeteria was... awesome! Round tables different colors were filled with loud students eating what looked like food you would find at a five star restaurant in New York City. There was even music playing
You saw Jane walking towards you.
"Hey (Insert Your Name). Lets go to my table." She grabbed your arm and pulled you to a table next to a window, sitting there was Ben, Tim, Jeff and Dante.
You sat between Jane and Jeff, to her insisting.
"Hey good to see you." Jeff smiled.
"Hi." You waved at him and everyone at the table.
"This is Tim, and B-" Jane started.
"We already met her." Everyone said in unison.
"Cool then. Since no introductions need to be made... Lets go get something to eat!"
Everyone stood and entered the lunch line, except Ben and Dante.
"Don't worry about us, we already ate." Dante said.
The food was unreal... You decided to get some (Insert Favorite Food) and 
(Insert Favorite Drink) They even had an Ice Cream parlor, Starbucks Coffee, and Smoothie hut. Jane had gotten a sub and grape soda, Tim had gotten pizza, fries, and a Pina-Colada smoothie, and Jeff had gotten Buffalo wings and lemonade. The three of you returned to the table to see Amberlyn sitting next to Ben. Dante looked bored as ever but his evergreen colored eyes seem to light up after you sat down.
Amberlyn looked at you and smiled. "Hey (Insert Your Name) This is Ben, The guy I was telling you about?"
You nodded. "Yup we already met."
She hugged Ben then stood to leave. "Gotta get going... See you guys around!"
She skittered over to a table on the other side of the cafeteria.
"Sooo (Insert Your Name)... Tell us about yourself." Jane said.
"Um.. well... I just moved here... I live with my cousin Amberlyn Fitzgerald-"
"Oh did your parents move here too?" Ben asked, Jeff face-palmed and Dante just awkwardly looked at his hands.
"Uh no... My parents... died a few weeks ago in a plane crash..."
Everyone at the table went still... 
"Oh my apologies.... I didn't know-"
"Um... anyway (Insert Your Name) What do you like to do?" Jane interrupted.
"I like to sing..." You started, noticing that Dante was staring at you as if he were completely mesmerized by your words.
"And uh... I like to walk in the woods..."
"Which woods?" Tim asked.
"Evergreen Woods.... Behind my house..."
Everyone eyes now shifted to Dante, who was shifting uncomfortably in his seat.
"Is that so...?" Jane asked, but she directed her words mostly at Dante.

After lunch was over you threw away your tray and headed towards your next class.
Chemistry, Room 137, Mr. Langston.
You had forgotten about your locker!
At the top right corner of your paper it said:
Locker no. A457 Combination 24-40-8
You searched each locker until you reached A457. You were just about to try the combination when a hand pressed on your locker, It was Jason's.
"So.... How about you and me hang out after school?"

~Dante's POV~

"Dang it.... Now everyone knows that (Insert Your Name) is the girl I've been talking about... Awkward...."
I turned the corner to go to my next class Chemistry, Room 137, Mr. Langston. When I saw (Insert Your Name) being followed by that Jason guy again... She had no idea how much of a dirt bag he really was... He's already had seven girlfriends this past semester (among other things). Hopefully she could handle it...
Wait a second-

~Your POV~

"Uh.... Thanks but... I already have plans after school with Jane..." You said.
Jason laughed. "Don't tell me you hang out with those freaks."
"They're not freaks!" You protested.
But Jason didn't want to hear it. "Listen, Jane is annoying, Tim is a loser, Ben dresses like a girl. Jeff thinks hes so beautiful and that Dante guy has the same name as the tall faceless sicko who kidnaps little children, plus he dresses like him!"
"Shut up!" You growled. "Don't talk about them like that."
Jason just snickered, grabbed your arm painfully, and pulled you closer to him, making you very uncomfortable.
"I'm way better than those-"
Suddenly Jason's head went slamming into the locker, he released your arm and you took a step back. Dante was holding Jason against the locker.
"You leave (Insert Your Name) alone, he growled in a low voice. Jason tried to swing at him but Dante just ducked effortlessly and punched him in the stomach. Jason fell to the floor 
cursing. Dante walked over to you.
"Are you alright?"
You nodded. "Yeah... thanks..."
"That Jason guy is a jerk so you might wanna steer clear of him."
"Wow.... he has such pretty eyes...."
"Can I walk you to your next class?" Dante asked, his cheeks were turning red.
"That would be nice thanks." You smiled.
You and Dante walked down the hallway until you stopped in front of room 137.
You just realized that you never told Dante what your next class was.
"How did you....?"
Dante just smiled. "We have the same Chemistry class."
The two of you walked in together. To your pleasant surprise, Mr. Langston sat you and Dante next to each other. But of course.... Alisson was sitting right behind you.
"Heyyy Dante... I see your looking cute as ever..." She cooed.
Dante just shrugged. "Hello Alisson."
Alisson turned to you. "Hello loser." Her voice like stone compared to the voice she used with Dante.
You just sighed and continued to work. You caught Dante looking at you quite a few times.
"Ohmygod.... do I like Dante?" You thought.
Dante just smiled at you shyly... As if he heard what you thought.
That couldn't be possible...

Here's part 5 of faceless!
Jane Anderson= Jane The Killer
Jeff Monera= Jeff The Killer
Tim Johnson= Masky
Ben Hylian= BEN Drowned
Dante Slenderman= Slender Man
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UltimateShadzFangirl 2 days ago  New member
Awe! Adorable! Tis stuff is awesome! And I love da feels. DA FEELS!
:iconrapefaceplz: of course you like Dante
FluffyShadowPaw Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So I knew everyone but Tim (they r all obvious lol) then when I read Tim is Masky I ended up saying masky in a weird accent and voice for like a minute and I've just been laughing my ass off at this story I love it...........but if laughing jack is Jason ill cry I would want laughing jack as my best friend lol he so cool
koyfish13 Feb 11, 2014  Student General Artist
Oooo I'm so happy is there any more?
This is amazballs!!!!!!!!
WolfClawWolfWarrior Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
forget sitting at a random lunch table I'm sitting at the creepypasta table!!!!11!!bunneh icon14 
fangirl16171 Jan 13, 2014
oh my god.... slender man ! jeff! Bunny Emoji-18 (Shower Love) [V1] 
MidnightRainbowFire Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Jane Arkensaw= Jane the Killer
Jeffery Blalock=Jeff The Killer
Timothy Johnson= Masky
Ben Hylian= BEN Drowned
Dante Slenderman= The Slender Man
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