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"Tell me."

"You probably read the story where my family moves to another town and me and my brother Liu...we..." He stopped.

"Recalling the story must be hard for him..." You thought.

Before another word could be said you pulled Jeff into a hug.

Jeff sighed and brushed your hair with his hand. "Me and Liu were bullied by this guy named Randy on the first day of school. After he started messing with us I started to get this feeling...."

"I remember reading that part... what kind of feeling?" You asked, letting go of Jeff and looking him in the eyes. Jeff just shrugged. 

"Thats just it.... I cant really explain the feeling... burning? Anyway it felt like something inhuman..... something unnatural...Thats when everything went downhill. I started getting the feeling more often....It felt like someone was in my brain, Trying to control my thoughts and actions. Then the party..." He paused.

"When Randy came and attacked you." You finished.

"Thats when I lost it..... went insane ________. I wasn't myself. Its like someone was controlling my mind." Jeff whispered. "I killed them. I killed them all..."
You leaned back and held his face in your hands gently as he tried to finish.

"I'm sorry_______." His voice was choked off, tears flowing from his eyes.
 "Please forgive me."

"Sorry for what?" You asked, wiping a tear from his cheek.
"You dont have to apologize for anything Jeff."

"I put your life in danger."

You pulled your hands back slowly, confused. "What do you mean?"

Jeff looked at you, his eyes slightly red.
"You're not safe anymore. I-"

He stopped suddenly, a look of fear in his eyes.

"They're here." Jeff said slowly.

  "Who's here?" You asked. "Whats wrong- ah! Hey!"

Without any warning Jeff picked you up piggyback style and opened the living room sliding glass doors.
"Whatever you do," Jeff whispered, wiping the tears from his face and regaining his composure.
"Don't turn around..."

You kept your eyes closed and held on tightly to his shoulders as he sped quickly off the porch and onto the grass of your backyard.

 "Jeff, I'm scared."

  "I'll explain everything later, just trust me."
He spoke in a slightly panicked tone. He picked up speed and ran towards the woods. The very same woods you first meet him in. He continued past the trees until he stopped abruptly, boots skidding in the dirt below his feet.
He put you down and pointed to something in the clearing... A large house.
The outside was a dark grey color, with black window shutters and a large front porch with a swinging bench.
Jeff held your hand and led you to the front door.

"Jeff...." You looked at him warily."

"You're safe now." He said. "Don't worry."

"Is this your home?" You asked.

Jeff nodded. "This is where my friends and I live-" 
He looked at you. "Y'know those stories you used to read on the internet?" 

You nodded all to aware of the scary and weird Creepypasta stories that Alicia made you read online. "Jeff The Killer" "being one of them.

"Well..." Jeff started "Get ready to meet the real thing."

"... WHAT?"

He pulled a set of keys from his pocket, unlocked the front door, and opened it.
You followed in after him.
The house looked pretty normal to your surprise.
There was a living room with a flat screen TV, a soft looking grey suede sofa, and even a Xbox One, Wii U, and PS4 hooked up to the TV.

"Hey Slendy! I'm back." Jeff said plainly.

"Slendy?" You asked. Suddenly feeling very nervous.

You watched a tall figure enter the room. You knew his face....or lack of a face, all to well. He wore a black suit and tie, his face as blank as a sheet of paper. He wasn't nearly as scary looking as you thought, to your relief. But it was still a bit frightening to be in his presence nonetheless...

 "You're... The Slender Man..." You look up at him, awestruck.

Slenderman nodded. "I am... And I'm assuming you are _______?"

"Yes sir." You said respectfully.

"Jeffrey has spoken much of you child. You are most welcome here."

You held back from snickering at the use of Jeff's formal name.

His voice sounded like an eerie echo however it was a calm, mature sounding voice.

"Thank you sir." You said bowing your head. 

How does one even behave around a powerful entity?

"And quite the polite lady as well!" He turned to Jeff. "But I must ask why you have brought her here."

"Well... I-"

  "Who's she?"

The three of you turned to face a boy with golden hair. He wore an outfit that reminded you of a game that you used to play as a kid;
The Legend of Zelda...

Oh right! He must be that BEN Drowned guy.

His black and red eyes kind of creeped you out, but they were also kinda cool.

Standing behind him was a taller person, a male. He wore a white mask with black circles around where the eyes should be and delicate painted black lips. Other than that he looked like a normal guy with brown hair, a khaki jacket, and jeans.


All the stories you had ever read about them... They were true...

 Jeff held on to your hand. "This is _______ my uh...."

"Girlfriend." You finished, surprising the both of you.

BEN looked at you with a pleasant expression, however you could see a glint of mischief in it. He turned to Jeff and nudged him playfully.

"Oh right! That girl you stalked for the past- what, five years? You said her hair smells like strawberries and you wanted to- ack!"

He suddenly recieved an elbow to the face. 
You glanced quizzically at Jeff, who was giving BEN a deadly glare from underneath his elbow.
"Unless you want me to skin you alive, shut up." He growled.

BEN held up his hands in defence when Jeff lowered his arms.
"Well excuse me princess. Sorry for mentioning how much you said you wanted to- mmmph!"

"Ahem ...I'm Masky..."

The boy wearing the mask said, covering BENs mouth and interrupting his mischievous ranting.
"And this is BEN." He pointed to the smaller boy in green, who teleported out of the older boys grasp. The action started you a bit.

You dont see teleporting digital ghost, human, Hylian, people... things everyday.

"Nice to meet you..." You said.

You saw some sort of dog like creature step out from behind Masky. Its fur was red and black, and it had a large human-like grin spread across its face.

"And this is Smile. Don't worry, he's friendly." Jeff said happily, reaching down and petting the creatures fur. "Anyway...Slendy I need to talk to you...  This is very important." Jeff looked at Slenderman anxiously.

Slenderman nodded.
"I think its is important that ________ knows what is going on as well... considering that you brought her here, what I feared is true."

Jeff nodded. "Have a seat on the sofa ________."

You sat on the sofa as Masky, Smile and BEN dispersed. Jeff took a seat next to you and held your hand.
Slenderman turned to you.
"Do you know why you are here?"

You shook your head. "No..."

Slenderman folded his hands together.

"There are people who want to kill you."
Here's part 3 of my Jeff The Killer x Reader story!
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