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December 28, 2012
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   Jeff pulled the knife from your side, making you cry out in pain, using all the strength he had within him to drop the knife.
You looked down at your side in shock as your shirt became soaked with blood. 
You felt your eyes tear up as a strong burning flame licked at your side.

"I-I...." You whispered, suddenly falling to the floor.

"No, ________..... Oh my god..." Jeff gasped, falling to his knees and pulling you into his arms.

You whimpered pitifully and clutched his hoodie as the searing pain became too much to bear. It hurt to even breathe.
Jeff knew that from the speed of blood loss, the knife had hit a vital spot.
Jeff pressed his hand against the wound in a vain attempt to slow the blood that had begun pooling on the floor, making you scream in pain.
He flinched, looking at your wound and your eyes repeatedly. 
At this rate you didn't have much longer.

"Jeff...I-" You tried to speak, but your voice was choked off as a tear rolled down your cheek. 

Your vision was starting to go dark and you began to feel very cold.
You saw out of the corner of your eye that Slenderman and the others had destroyed the remaining Agents. 
Slenderman managed to hold down Atramentous. 

Jeff started sobbing.
"You'll be just fine _______!" Jeff said, but It sounded like he was trying to convince himself of that.

"It's dark Jeff... why is everything so dark?"  You asked, sounding like a pitiful child who didn't understand the dying process.

"Don't.... Please.... don't leave me...." Jeff cried, pressing his hand against your cheek. "_______.... You're so cold..." 

"I'm so sorry. I didnt mean to pass you the-"

"No no shhhh ________ you didn't know. It's not your fault!" He began to panic, a crazed and desperate look in his eyes.

"I'm n-not... gonna make it... Jeff..." You managed to say.

Jeff shook his head violently. "Don't say that! D-don't you dare say that... You can't go to sleep."
He held you tighter, desperation and fear showing quite clearly on his face.

"... I'm so sorry Jeff... I-I wanted... to be with you."

You rattled on, desperately trying to say as much as you could before you were gone.
Jeff brushed a piece of hair out of your face and nodded.

"I wanted that too....______. But you can't leave me. Please...I-I'm begging you! Your the only person who I will ever love. When I'm with you... I feel like I'm my old self again. I don't want to live without you _______! God, can't you understa-"

"Shhhhh.... Jeff... I'm always with you. No m-matter what happens, please remember that."

Masky and BEN ran over to you a look of fear on their faces.
You cried quietly as you brushed your hand through Jeff's long hair weakly, savoring every second of being in his arms. You were grateful to have had the chance to be with him on this adventure, even if it was ending much too soon. You wouldn't have traded those past few days for the world. And here you were dying in the arms of your love, just like in a storybook. What a bittersweet cliche...

"Jeff.... I... l-love you...." You whispered, your consciousness slowly slipping away from you. Your voice broken and your breathing was shallow.
Jeff leaned down and planted a soft kiss on your lips, his teardrops landing on your colorless cheeks.

"I love you more..." He whispered.

"Goodbye." You said quietly brushing the tear trails from Jeffs cheeks.

You smiled faintly as one final tear fell, taking your last breath and going limp in Jeff's arms.
The last thing you saw was Jeff's ever-smiling face before the world slipped into a peaceful darkness.

"....______....______?" Jeff whispered, calling your name and shaking your arm in an attempt to wake you.
He checked your pulse and his eyes widened in fear.

... Nothing...

Jeff held your body close to him and cried, he trembled and begged for you to wake up.
"_______.... No.... Wake up! Don't leave me _______...Wake up... Please...." Jeff sobbed, brushing his shaking hands through your hair. He had never felt so alone in his life. You were forever lost to him. His everything. His only love.
Never in his life had he felt such an extreme surge of so many emotions. Pain. Fear. Sorrow. Anger. Emptiness. 
Jeff let out a pitiful cry and held you tighter.
All Masky and BEN could do was cry along with him. Slenderman held his head down sadly.

Atramentous, who was still being restrained by Slenderman, began to laugh maliciously.

~Jeff's POV~
As I cried and held ______'s dead body close to me.
She was gone.
And it was my fault.
Here voice still echoed faintly in my mind, like an angels.
I could hear Atramentous' sickening laugher echo through the room, snapping me out of my daze.
I suddenly felt that weird feeling.... like a burning, pulling pain.
I stood up and placed ______ gently in Masky and BEN's arms, went over to where my knife was, picked it up, and walked over to Atramentous, who was being held down by Slenderman.
"You sick bastard." I growled.
Atramentous just started laughing crazily. 
"Ahahahaha!! Jeff! You killed her! And what a shame it was with my knife... I had made her immortal you know..."
"You what?" I asked in disbelief. "Your lying!"
"Go see for yourself..." He growled.
"_______ Is going to wake up soon... And then you can watch her die a slow and painful death again-"

"Go. To. Sleep." I hissed.
With one sweep of my knife...
I decapitated Atramentous. His head rolled to the floor, a look of shock still etched on his features.
That was for _______. I thought bitterly. Suddenly an idea came to me.
Slenderman looked at me.
"Slenderman! Can't you help her? Your one of the most powerful creatures in the Other World!" I begged.
"Actually I can." He said releasing the dead kings body and running toward her. I followed.

My ______ would be alright.

 ~Your POV~

I'm not Dead....
I'm supposed to be dead....
How come I'm not dead.....?

"Oh god... this hurts..."  You were all to aware of the intense pain.
Much to your surprise... You vision began to clear.
You could see Masky and BEN holding you.

"My blood... Thats a lot of my blood..."

"What the- she's alive!" BEN cheered.
"I'm alive! And... I'm still bleeding!" You gasped, clawing at BEN's tunic frantically.
Masky and BEN tried to calm you down as you saw Jeff and Slenderman run up to you just as your vision was about to go dark again.
"Jeff!" You cried.
"Slenderman can heal you..." Jeff said, taking you gently in his arms. Slenderman took a step closer, one of his black snake like appendages sprouting from his back. "This may hurt a little..."
He said as the snake like arm was placed under you shirt where the stab would was. You felt a searing pain as the blood stopped gushing out of it and it started to heal over. "AUGH!" You yelled. "Ow OW!"
"Sorry." Slenderman said. Jeff just held you closer to him.
You slowly felt less pain. You looked behind Jeff and saw Atramentous' headless body lying on the floor.
"All done." Jeff said softly. "Do you feel okay?" He asked.
"Other than the fact that ninety percent of my blood is outside of my body and I'm nearly dead, I'm doing pretty good." You said sarcastically.
"Ugh... I feel dizzy." You held your head.
"We should get out of here." BEN said.
The five of you got up, Jeff carrying you, and sped through the large main doors of the castle.
Another orb like the last one appeared in from of you, only this time it was blue. 
It morphed into the same flat disc that you crossed through when you first arrived. Jeff held onto your hand.
"You ready?" He asked.
You smiled, pulling him close to you, and kissing him.
"I'll take that as a yes." He chuckled. "Let's go home beautiful."

And together....

You crossed over...

(Note: Part 12 was originally a lemon, the sexual content is no longer there but it may still have the mature content block on it. I you want to read it you may need to change your Mature content filter option.)

Heres part 11 of my Jeff The Killer x Reader story!
Atramentous was my idea :)
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