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December 27, 2012
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You stared up at Jeff, your cheeks turning a bright red. You struggled to stand up, Jeff let you, standing up as well.
"Run you fool!"
You thought. Your legs didn't even move. You just stared at Jeff. Your legs began to tremble and you fell. Jeff quickly caught you and held you close to him..... You blushed even harder, hating yourself for it.
             "Careful ________..." He said, brushing a strand of your hair behind your ear. Your vision started to blur.  You closed your eyes and tried to calm your racing heartbeat. Jeff kept watching you.
             "Do you want me to take you home?" He asked. You opened your eyes. Realizing that Jeff really wasn't going to kill you and that he was actually kinda sweet.... In some freaky sorta way. You blushed even more.
"What the hell is wrong with me?" You thought.
"Do you want me to take you home _________?" Jeff asked again.
 A wave of relief washed over you as you nodded slightly.
Jeff picked you up bridal style and started running. You squeaked surprised at how fast you were actually going. The trees raced by you in a blur. You held on tightly to Jeff's Hoodie. In no time you were at your back door. Jeff pulled a small set of keys from your cardigan pocket and unlocked the back door, carrying you in. You didn't even question how he knew where the keys were. Thankfully your mother wasn't home yet. Jeff carried you up to your bedroom and placed you gently on your bed. You looked up at him and smiled slightly. "Thank you.."

"My god.... Did I just instantly fall in love with him? Get a freaking grip _______!" You scolded yourself.
Jeff gazed into your eyes longingly and leaned in closer to you.
"I love you... Is that okay?" He whispered.
You blushed as he grabbed your face gently in his hands and kissed you intensely. You were being kissed by a teenage psychopathic killer, and you were enjoying every second of it. Your hands wrapped around his long hair as you pulled him closer to you. His arms wrapped around you tightly. "Thats perfectly okay with me."  You said softly, knowing deep down inside you that you truly meant it. Suddenly out of nowhere you heard the front door downstairs open. "_________?" Your mother called. You looked at Jeff in panic. He just stood up, went to the window and slid it open. A warm breeze rushed into the room. It was almost nighttime. Were you kissing Jeff that long? 
"Will I see you again?" You blurted out, barely wanting to take the words back.
 Jeff nodded and grinned.

                              "Sure thing beautiful."

 With that he climbed out the window, closed it behind him, landed gracefully in the grass, and ran out past the trees in your yard.
You sighed as your mom entered you room and smiled at you. "You're still in bed?" She walked over to you and kissed you on the cheek. She looked at you curiously.
"You look exhausted sweetie. Do you feel alright?" She felt your forehead, which was still warm from your encounter with Jeff. She frowned "You have a fever. You need to rest."
You nodded innocently as your mom turned to leave. "Do you need anything. Are you hungry?" She asked. You shook your head.
"No thanks mom. I'll be okay."
"Okay. I have to work tomorrow morning so unfortunately I can't stay to cook breakfast." She frowned.
You assured her that it was fine and watched as she left the room and went downstairs. You heard the TV turn on and you pulled the rose from your hair, placing it on the nightstand next to your bed.
Slowly you drifted off to sleep, thinking of when your next encounter with Jeff would be.

"Sleep well beautiful."

~The next morning~

You awoke to the smell of something delicious cooking. You slid out of bed and looked at the rose on your nightstand.
"I guess I wasn't dreaming..." You thought. You realized that you were still in your clothes from yesterday. You got a shower and put on a pair of grey jeans and a white hoodie that was ironically similar to Jeff's. You slipped on your black converses but paused for a moment...
                      ... If your mother had to work today....
Why did you smell something cooking?. 

            You quickly combed out your hair and ran downstairs.
          "Mom I thought-" You walked in the kitchen and saw, not your mom.... but Jeff.
       "Jeff?" You asked, completely confused. "What are you doing here? Better than that, How did you get in?"
Jeff spun around and looked you up and down, making you blush. "Hey beautiful." He turned back to the stove. 
            "I left your bedroom window unlocked when I left." He said plainly "And I made food." You walked over to him and peered over his shoulder. 
On the stove was a pan cooking the most delicious looking (favorite flavor) pancakes you had ever seen. "Are those...." You looked at him. He looked at you and nodded
"Your favorite."
"How did you know?" You asked. Even though you knew the answer you were completely stunned.
Then a thought came to you.
"Jeff, how long have you been watching me?"
"Hmm... about three years last time I checked." He said like it was not that big of a deal.
Jeff turned to you and pulled you into a strong embrace, making you gasp slightly.
"You're cute when you sleep by the way." Jeff said playfully, letting go and putting pancakes on two plates. He handed you one. He grabbed two forks and maple syrup and the both of you ate pancakes while watching (Favorite TV Show).
You turned to Jeff while you were both sitting on the sofa "Hey Jeff....?"
He looked at you curiously. "Yeah?"
                "The story I read about you... is it true? I mean...Do you really kill people?"

You immediately regretted asking it when you saw his his eyes switch into a cold stare upon being reminded of his true self. He turned away for a moment to recollect himself before saying:
"Yes... I do. But there is so much more to my story than you could possibly imagine."

This is part 2 of my Jeff The Kiler x Reader story
I do not own Jeff The killer
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