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December 27, 2012
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Jeff paused before continuing. "But the story you know has a hidden secret in it."
You leaned closer. "What secret?"
"You probably read the story where my family moves to another town and me and my brother Liu...." He stopped, "Recalling the story must be hard for him..." You thought. Before another word could be said you pulled Jeff into a huge hug. Jeff sighed and brushed your hair with his hand. "Me and Liu were bullied by this guy named Randy on the first day of school. After he started messing with us I started to get this feeling...."
"I remember reading that part... what kind of feeling?" You asked. Letting go of Jeff and looking him in the eyes. Jeff just shrugged. 
"Thats just it.... I cant really explain the feeling.... it felt like something inhuman..... something unnatural...Thats when everything went downhill. I started getting the feeling more often....It felt like someone was in my brain, Trying to control my thoughts and actions. Then the party...." He paused.
"When Randy came and attacked you." You finished.
"Thats when I lost it..... Im insane (Insert Your Name)..... I wasn't myself.... Its like someone was controlling my mind." Jeff whispered, His eyes went wide and he started shaking. You held on to him as he tried to finish. "Im so sorry......" His voice was choked off, tears flowing from his unblinkable eyes. "Sorry for what?" You asked, Wiping a tear from his cheek. Suddenly Jeff started sobbing uncontrollably. He pulled you into him and whispered into your ear: "I put your life in danger."
You pulled back, confused. "What do you mean?"
Jeff looked at you, his eyes slightly red from crying. "Your not safe any-" He stopped suddenly, a look of sheer terror in his eyes. "Their here." Jeff said quickly.
                   'Who's here???" You asked, Without any warning Jeff picked you up and opened the living room sliding glass doors. "Whatever you do..." Jeff whispered "Don't turn around..." You kept your eyes closed as Jeff sped quickly off the porch and onto the grass of your backyard, speeding through the trees. 
     "Jeff what's going on?"
                "I'll explain everything later, just trust me." He spoke in a slightly panicked tone. He picked up speed and ran towards the woods. The very same woods you first meet him in. He continue to dart through the trees until he stopped suddenly. He put you down and pointed to something in the clearing... A house. Jeff held your hand and led to you a large grey house surrounded by trees. "Jeff...." You looked at him. "Your're safe now." He said. "Is this your home?" You asked. Jeff nodded. "This is where me and my friends live." He looked at you. "Have you ever heard of Creepy Pasta?" 
You nodded all to aware of the scary and weird Creepy Pasta stories that Alicia made you read. "Well..." Jeff started "Get ready to meet the real thing." He pulled a set of keys from his pocket and unlocked the front door, opening it. You followed in after him. The house looked pretty normal actually. There was a living room with a flat screen TV, a soft looking sofa, and even a Xbox 360 hooked up to the TV. "Hey Slendy! Im back." Jeff said plainly.
"Slendy?" You asked. Suddenly feeling very nervous. You watched a tall figure enter the room. You knew his face....or lack of a face, all to well. He wore his classic suit and tie. his face as blank as a sheet of paper. He wasn't nearly as scary looking as you thought, to your relief.
                 "You're.....Slenderman..." You look up at him, awestruck.
Slenderman nodded. "Indeed..." His voice sounded like a thousand echos combined into one voice. He turned to Jeff. "May I ask why she is here Jeff?"
                         "Who's she?" The three of you turned to face a boy with golden hair, He wore an outfit that reminded you of a game that you used to play as a kid....  The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask...
Standing behind him was a shorter kid, a boy. He wore a white mask with black circles where the eyes should be. Other than that he looked like a normal kid. 
All the stories you had ever read about them... They were true...
     Jeff held on to your hand. "This is (Insert Your Name).. She's my girl- uh... She's my friend."
"Hi...Im Masky..." The boy wearing the mask said. "And This is BEN." He pointed the the taller boy in the green. "Im (Insert Your Name)..." You said.
You saw some sort of dog like creature step out from behind Masky. Its fur was blood red and black, and it had a large grin spread across its face. "Hey smile!" Jeff said happily. "Anyway...Slendy I need to talk to you...  This is very important." Jeff looked anxious. Slenderman nodded. "I think its is important that (Insert Your Name) knows what is going on as well... considering that you brought her here, there must be a good reason." Jeff nodded. "Have a seat on the sofa (Insert Your Name)." You took a seat the sofa as Slenderman told Masky and BEN to go outside. Jeff took a seat next to you and held your hand. Slenderman turned to you. "Do you know why you are here?"
You shook your head. "No..."
Slenderman paused before speaking.
                              "There are people who want to kill you."
Here's part 3 of my Jeff The Killer x Reader story!
Masky from Marble Hornets
BEN from BEN Drowned
Jeff from Jeff The Killer
Smile from Smile.jpg.
Randy from Jeff the Killer
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Darkbutterflies0 2 hours ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Slender: There are people who want to kill you
me:...... well, if they want to kill me, then they'll have to face my psychotic best friend
Jeff and Slendy:who?
Grace: Did some one say my name? :3
*jeff and slendy look at each other before laughing*:HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Jeff: how can a little shorty like her? Protect you?
Me: yep you should not have said that
*gracie starts going ballistic on Jeff*
Me: No Gracie! Bad! *squits her with a spray bottle*
Grace: he called me shorty >:'(
Me: I know, but you dont attack people who aren't hurting me
Grace: Ok ._.
Me: *sigh* you ok Jeff?
*Jeff rocking back and forth in the corner* ;__;
Me and slendy: *Face palm* -_-
lunathehedgefox Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
people who want me dead mwahahahaahahhahahahaha ILL SHOW THEM DEAD(pulls out a scythe from no where) rose: you are scaring people with your issues me: issues who got issues you? Jessica and jeff face palm.
Me: bring it on MUDDA fuckas -holds 4knives-
jeff: gimme my knives amy
Me:aww man 
eeveechick9 Apr 8, 2014  New member Student General Artist
wha? people who want me dead? interesting...

i love this story it's...... Ack it's to good for words

What the heck did I do? All I did was look pretty and you want to kill meeee
Irelyne Mar 29, 2014  New member Professional Artist
Isn't Masky way taller then Ben?!
ammiexlevi Mar 28, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
: OO wat do u mean im not safe?!?? jeffy >3< tell mew Q~Q AMMIE! (levi yelled at me) y-y-y-yes sir QwQ" STOP READIN THIS U R SCREAMIN JEFFY AND SHIT U BRAT Q~Q leviiiiiii ur mean Q~Q 
FluffyShadowPaw Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Kyla: I thought dad would be happy to see me after SIX years... but he doesn't even know me! *sits crying in the emo corner* Wait I'm part slender so that would be kinda hard to kill me right?
argumanizh466 Mar 18, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
Omg I was reading this to my friends and by the time I got the end one of them said" r they gonna tell her about the birds and the bees" and we started to laugh
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