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December 27, 2012
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You awoke with a slight headache. You slid off of the sofa, gathered some fresh clothes from the suitcase and walked into the kitchen where you saw some guy sitting, eating a bowl of Lucky Charms. He looked to be about twenty or so, and familiar.
He looked up at you and stopped chewing.
"Good morning _______." He said.
When you didn't respond, he blinked his brown eyes and raised an eyebrow.
"Do I... know you?" You said.
The guy stared at you in disbelief, then reached for something in his lap.
He put on a mask and lifted his head up.
"Wait.... Masky? No way."
"Yeah, it's me. I look really different without the mask on huh?" He chuckled, taking it back off.
"You got that right."
For a few minutes you sat with Masky, eating cereal. He didn't talk much, but you did notice that he was less soft spoken without the mask on.
You finished your bowl of cereal and stood.
"Could you show me where the bathroom is?
Masky st
ood up. "Sure." He led you upstairs and pointed to a door. "Right here."
"Thanks." You said.
"You really love him don't you?" Masky asked. "Otherwise you wouldn't be risking your life... or your sanity just to find him."
You look puzzled. "My sanity?"
He just nodded and went back downstairs.
You shrugged and went into the bathroom. After showering you dressed in a red tight fitting V-neck shirt, black skinny jeans and your favorite red converses. You combed out your hair and headed downstairs, Where Slenderman, Masky, and BEN were waiting.
"Its time to go ________." Slenderman said.
The three of them walked out the front door and you followed. Slenderman led you and the others out of the safety of the clearing in the woods. You saw Jeff's knife in the dirt, picked it up and slipped it in one of your belt loops, feeling a strange ringing in your ears as the ground began to shake beneath you. 
You stared in complete shock as an orb of green light appeared in front of Slenderman, growing larger by the second.
"Uh.... What is that??" You asked, completely awestruck. The orb flattened out, morphing into a large flat disk floating in mid-air. A strong wind kicked up, blowing the trees around like a hurricane. "You ready?" Slenderman asked, turning to you.
"There's no going back..."
"Im ready!" You said, trying your best to sound brave. Then Slenderman stepped through the disk like it was water, and disappeared.
"Oh.... my.... God..." you whispered. suddenly BEN and Masky both grabbed your hands and pulled you through the disk. In seconds you were on the other side..... It was..... Strange... 
You looked at your surroundings. You were in what looked like a futuristic city... only it was very morbid looking, like that anime with the symmetry obsessed guy.
The buildings were tall and made of a metallic black substance that was completely foreign to you. The sky was a ghastly purple color with black clouds. But what was weirder than all of that.... Were the people, You saw many ghostlike creatures floating around. They were all a strange color that you never even knew existed. Your mind was completely but pleasantly boggled.
     "Hey! Where did Slendy go?" Masky said.
You spun around in a circle, looking for him.
"I don't know... Maybe he got separated from us when we crossed over." BEN said.
"What is this place?" You asked, awestruck.
Masky and BEN turned to you "Its the other world." They said in unison.
 "Uh-oh..." Masky said. "We got trouble."
You followed his gazed a saw a large black cloud of smoke heading straight for you.
"Those are the things that took Jeff!" You said.
"RUN!" Masky yelled, picking you up and running at high speed.
"Its no use!" BEN gasped. "They have an advantage here!"
The three of you screamed as you were enveloped by the thick cloud of smoke and were lifted off of the ground.
You tried to hold your breath but the smoke filled your lungs.
You passed out from lack of air.

~Jeff's POV~

"I ... CANT.... TAKE.... THE PAIN...."
I screamed in agony as Atramentous shocked me again with one of his electric rods, laughing at my pain.
"I'll... Kill... You..." I hissed, which resulted in another shock from him.
I fell to the floor screaming in pain.
"You will learn to respect me Jeff..."Atramentous growled.
Suddenly a C.P. Agent appeared and whispered something to him. I watched as his eyes widened. "Fantastic! But keep looking for the other one."  
The agent left and Atramentous turned to me. 
"Looks like we have visitors..." He laughed devilishly. "I think you know who they are.... The cursed Hylean, The masked proxy, and the human girl." He smiled.
Suddenly he didn't look like himself anymore. He looked like....


Down to every last detail including my carved in smile and my favorite knife. 
"This is a fun little trick I like to use. With it I can become anyone I want. Including you." He grinned.
"Now to greet the guests." He said in my voice. He turned back into himself and left the room.
I just sat there... helpless, knowing that if I couldn't find a way out of here Atramentous would kill all three of them....
But.... where was Slenderman?

Heres part 7 of my Jeff The Killer x Reader story!!
Characters Mentioned
Jeff The Killer
Atramentous (mine)
C.P. Agents
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