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December 28, 2012
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You awoke on a soft bed with purple silk sheets. You opened your eyes and realized that you were in a room that was completely unfamiliar to you. 
"Where am I? Wheres Masky and BEN?" You asked yourself.
You slid out the bed and ran towards the door. You pulled on the handle, it was locked. 
Furious, you pounded on the door. "Let me out!!! What kind of joke is this??"
Suddenly you heard the handle click and the door opened.
"What the..."
You stepped out into a long hallway. The walls and tiles were a dark shade of purple. 
You ran down to the end of the hallway and stepped through the doorway into a large room. 
The room was unbelievably huge. You looked to your right and saw a tall set of doors. 
You ran for them and pushed. The doors didn't even budge. Out of the corner of your vision you saw a cloud of black smoke rushing at you from both sides. It wrapped around your arms tightly, making you yell out in pain. You squirmed, trying to escape the grip of the C.P. Agents.
                "I wouldn't do that if I were you." You heard a voice say from behind you.
The cloud of thick smoke turned you around. At the far end of the room you saw a throne. Sitting on it was a human boy. He had luxurious golden hair with a crown and looked about sixteen. His eyes were purple and he wore a tight fitting black leather suit with purple gems on it and a purple cape like cloth at his waist. He was devilishly gorgeous. You could tell that whoever this was, he must have really liked the color purple. The Agents brought you to the teenager making you fall to your knees. The boy stood and stepped down from his throne. 
He stopped a few feet from you.  "Do you know who I am?" The boy asked, he was obviously amused by your helplessness.
You looked up at him. "How the hell could I possibly know who you are?" You said sarcastically.
"Wow _______... Your much more sarcastic than I expected you to be." 
He let out a sinister laugh. "I like that."
You looked up at him in shock. "How... do you know my name?" You asked.
"I think I would know the name of the person I've been trying to capture for weeks now."
He said in an "Its obvious" tone. "I'd been planning to kill you for a while now but.... after I saw how pretty you were..." He reached down and grabbed your face forcefully in his hands, leaning in close to you "I thought otherwise...By the way... I am King Atramentous... The ruler of The Other World, and these are my Agents." He said looking up briefly at the cloud of smoke that held you down before returning his gaze to you. 
Your eyes widened in realization. 
"You're the bastard who took Jeff away from me..." You growled angrily.
King Atramentous frowned "Your just as disrespectful as him... You should be happy I think your cute...." He sheathed a long purple bladed knife and held it up to your throat. He leaned in and whispered into your ear: "Because trust me... I could kill you very easily if I wanted to."
"Where is Jeff?" You said as the King pulled the knife away from you.
"He's in my dungeon.... poor Jeffery... He's nearly dead you know..." He said in mock sympathy.
He looked up at the Agents. "You can release her." Suddenly your arms were released and the smoke disappeared. You hugged your arms close to you pausing when you felt the handle of Jeff's knife still in your belt loop. Atramentous turned to sit on his throne. You took this time to slip the knife into your back belt loop, covering it with your shirt so he wouldn't see it. He casually slumped on his throne like it was a bean bag. You stood,
"Aww man! I forgot about Masky and BEN!" You thought. "Where are Masky and BEN?" You demanded.
"Their in the dungeon with Jeff." Atramentous answered plainly. "Don't even try to run.... I have my Agents on guard at every door and window in this castle." He said, all too aware of you eyeing the room, looking for an escape.
"Why do you want to kill me?" You asked
"Because Jeff broke one of my laws when you met him... No immortal is allowed to be with a mortal human.... Actually I wouldn't even call him "immortal" Considering that I can kill him, I do have connection with his mind after all..." The king combed his fingers through his hair. 
A surge of hatred coursed through your blood.
"Let me guess... You made that law 'cause some human kicked your heart in the ass?" You laughed.
Atramentous frowned and glared at you. 
"You think you're funny don't you? Well, enjoy your laughing. It will be the last time you do."

~Jeff's POV~

I sat up when I heard two familiar voices from somewhere in the room.
"Masky? BEN?"
 I looked at the cell across from mine and saw Masky and BEN standing in the cell.
BEN saw me first and ran to the bars of the cell. 
"Jeff? Is that you??" Masky appeared beside him and waved to me. 
"Yeah its me..." I said, I noticed that ________ was not with them. "Where's ________?"
BEN frowned and shook his head "I don't know... we got separated from her.... She's probably with Atramentous."
I growled and hit the metal bars with my fist. "Damn it! He'll kill her... or worse!"
 I paused. "Where's Slenderman?"
"We lost track of him when we crossed over.." Masky said. "We haven't heard from him."
"Atrementous is gonna make himself look like me so that he can kill her." I said.
BEN and Masky both looked worried. 
"What are we gonna do?" Masky asked.
"Were bustin' outta here." A voice said. We turned to see Slenderman standing in the doorway. 
He had one hand on his hip and twirled a pair of keys casually around his finger.
 I laughed, relief flooding my face.
"Hey look who its is." I said.
Jeff The Killer
Atramentous (mine)
And of course
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