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December 28, 2012
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~Your POV~

"You're the one who made Jeff lose his mind..." You whispered
"Thats right... At the time I was going to use Jeff as a substitute for my Agents, but of course his disrespect and rebelliousness got in the way... I had planned on killing him for a long time... but because he was on earth I couldn't without having a reason."
You looked up at Atramentous in shock.
"So you created a law that stated that an immortal couldn't be with a mortal human, just so that you could have a reason to kill Jeff? Your voice was full of hatred.
The king just smiled. "Your a smart girl...."
"And you're stupid." You retorted.
He motioned his hand and a Agent walked up behind you, grabbing your arms and bringing you to your knees again. "Maybe I could use you in his place." Atramentous placed a hand on your forehead.
"What the hell is he-"
Suddenly you felt like screaming as frightening, unearthly images and searing pain flooded your brain. You tried to fight it, but it was no use as you slowly felt yourself losing your sanity. You yelled out in pain.
"So this is what he did to Jeff....."
You screamed as you saw images of your Mom, Masky, BEN, Slenderman, and Jeff being burned alive.
"Get out.... get out!" You yelled, fighting against the grip of the Agent.
"Get out of my mind!!!" 
"Just embrace it ______ soon it will be over."
Suddenly the pain and images stopped. You looked up and saw not Atramentous.... but Jeff....
"Jeff!" You cried happily.
Jeff pulled out his knife and sliced at the Agent that was holding you down, making it shatter in shards of glass around you. Jeff pulled you up and held you close to him.
"Jeff You're alive!" You yelled. 
"I'm so glad your safe.." Jeff said with relief. He almost looked like he was about to cry. He put his knife in his hoodie pocket and held you even tighter....
His knife?
"Wait a minute..." You thought. Suddenly you realized what was happening.
This wasn't Jeff....
You felt a strange feeling deep within you... you couldn't explain it.... it felt like someone was taking over you.... You had no time to lose.
You quickly reached behind you and pulled Jeff's real knife out of your belt loop.
"Sorry sweetheart." You laughed, an insane look in your eyes. 
"I.... have your knife..."
Atrementous had no time to react as you pulled out the knife and quickly stabbed it straight into is back. His body went limp as he fell forward, onto the cold tile floor, turning back into himself. 
Then you fainted....

~Jeff's POV~ 

"The throne room is this way!" Slenderman yelled. pointing to a large steel door.
As we approached it, Slenderman picked up speed and ran straight into the door. Leaving a large hole in it.
Masky, BEN, and I jumped through the hole after him. 
The four of us ran into the throne room together. Thats when I saw her.
She was lying on the ground... completely still. I watched as Atrementous stood up slowly, growling in anger and pain, and pulled a knife out of his back.... 

My knife...

"_________!!!" I yelled. 
Suddenly Atramentous' hand was around her throat.
"Don't come any... closer..." Atramentous growled. "Or... I'll tear her to pieces..."
I stood still and watched helplessly as he lifted her limp body off the ground by her throat. 
She was pale and her eyes were closed.
"_________!!!" I cried.

Oh god....
...what had he done to her?

Heres part 9 of my Jeff The Killer x Reader story
I do not own Slenderman, Jeff The Killer, BEN, Masky, or Creepy Pasta
Atramentous was my idea :3
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I lossed my sanity when my dad put me in an insane asylam... when I wasn't insane heheheehehehehehe MWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA rose: ok I fucken give up( throws book in air)
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