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February 1, 2013
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That damned music... It made you want to scream. You kept running, but every time you stopped, it would be there,You could only see its eyes, piercing into your very soul. 
You wanted to die. 
You would yell for your brother, 
But he would never come... He was gone... forever. 
"Stay away from me!!" You would cry, but the unseen creature still pursued you with a vicious and undying vengeance. 
You couldn't move... You felt a burning pain all over... Like you were on fire....
You tried to scream but your breath subsided as the cursed creature laughed and said...

"You've meet with a terrible fate. Haven't you?"

You awoke suddenly, screaming from one of your nightmares, listening as the faint remnants of the sickening laughter faded. You looked at the clock on your nightstand and sighed.
"3:23 am...."
You slid out of bed and entered the bathroom to splash water on your face. You looked at your reflection in the mirror, staring back at you was the same mentally worn out girl you saw every single day. Your (Eye color) eyes were slightly duller than normal, and your (Hair Color and Length) had all but lost its luxurious shine. But then you looked closely at the mirror. There was a small crack that wasn't there a few moments ago. You watched in shock as the mirror cracked loudly.

"Oh no.... Not again..." You groaned.

This had happened way too many times before. You didn't know why, but every time you looked in the mirror at night, it would crack. Ever since Alex disappeared.
Were you cursed?
You never told anyone about it. Your mom and dad thought that you broke it out of anguish for your brother.
There were a lot of other strange things about you too.
You took a deep breath, mentally preparing yourself for what you were about to do.
You quickly ran back into your bedroom and started up your laptop, which was something you NEVER did, because every time you did, the webpage automatically switched to CleverBot. And it would keep sending you messages, even asking for Jadusable himself.
You clicked on the internet icon and as you expected, CleverBot loaded up and spoke first. Which was the first sign that this wasn't normal. 

CleverBot: Hello.

You: Who are you, and what do you want?

CleverBot: You already know who I am and what I want _______.

You paused, hands shaking.
It knew your name...
You struggled to type on they keyboard

You: How do you know who I am?

CleverBot: I've known you for a long time... But to be completely honest I wish we could meet in person... don't you think?

You: NO! Stay away from me! I don't want to meet you and I don't want to see you!

CleverBot: Then... Don't look behind you.

Here's part 1 of The Hylian
I enjoyed writing the cliffhanger part
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