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February 18, 2013
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"Tim? Hey Timmy! Wake up..."
You shook You friend Timothy's shoulder for the fourth time.
"How does he sleep like that?" You thought.
Timothy was fast asleep, snoring like a chainsaw-lawnmower.
Finally Tim opened one of his eyes and sat up.
"What is it now?" He groaned sleepily attempting to cover his face.
"Why does he always do that?"
"Um, we have a party to go to?" A familiar voice said.
The two of you turned around and saw your best friend Kennedy standing in the doorway.
Her long brown hair was pulled into a long slick ponytail. She wore the dress she had planned to wear to the party for months, and it looked great on her. It was a turquoise one-strap, mini dress with a salmon colored belt. She wore matching chunky salmon colored jewelry and sparkling silver heels. The outfit really matched her light cocoa skin.
You and Timothy were still in your regular clothes.
"You too (Insert Your Name)!" Kennedy snapped. "Thank goodness Ben's party isn't until Six!"
She strolled over to Timothy and yanked him off of his bed, tugging his brown hair.
"HEY, HEY, HEY! Rise and shine princess!"
Tim yelped as he fell to the floor. "I was awake." He glared at Kennedy with his gorgeous blue eyes.
"Alright guys, lets go to my place. Tim hurry and get your outfit." You stood and walked out the door, followed shortly by Kennedy and Tim.

~At Your House~

After showering you combed out your (Insert Hair Color/ Texture) hair and styled it into a bun. You opened your closet, reached in and grabbed:
1) (Insert Favorite Color) Halter mini dress.
2) Black Gladiator-Heels
You put these on and walked over to your dresser. You grabbed:
1) Large platinum hoop earrings
2) Hair clip in the shape of a (Insert Favorite Color) Bow
3) Platinum arm bangles

You put these on and applied eyeliner (Cat-eye Style), mascara, and lip gloss.
Checking yourself one last time in the mirror you headed downstairs into the living room where Kennedy and Tim were sitting on the sofa, watching (Insert Favorite TV Show)
They both spun around and their eyes went wide.
"W-wow... y-you look... amazing." Tim stammered, his cheeks turning a bright shade of red. Kennedy looked at him in disbelief.
"Amazing? She looks freaking Gorgeous!!!" Kennedy screeched, shaking Timothy's shoulders violently. "Just wait until Ben, Jane, and Jeff see her!"
"That's what I meant." Tim muttered.
"Thanks you guys." You beamed, smiling down at your dress.
Kennedy stood, put one hand on her hip and pointed her finger towards the ceiling, in a very animated gesture.
"Ohoho! Lets get a move on people! Its already Five-Fifty!"
One by one you filed out of the door and headed up the street towards the party.
You turned to lock the door when you saw a dark shadow move from behind the house.
"What was that...?" You thought.

~At Ben's End Of The School Year Party~

"Wow! Well look who finally showed up! And is looking magnifique as ever!"
Jane gushed in her thick French accent. She hugged you and gave you an air-kiss on the cheek. Her outfit was amazing. She wore he typical dark makeup with a purple blouse and matching silver and purple miniskirt. She wore matching Sparkling black sandals. Her long jet black hair was wavy and fell over one shoulder.
She turned and dug her black-painted fingernails into the arm of a boy with long black hair who had his back turned to you.
"Jeff! Come see how Ah-dorable (Insert Your Name) looks!" She demanded.
"Alright already lady! Can I have a freaking convo without your interruption?" He said, holding up a give me a moment finger.
"Ne pas avoir une attitude avec moi!" Jane snapped.
Jeff spun around. "I'm not getting an attitude with y-"
Jeff's irritated face faded and was replace by one of his trademark grins, flashing his pearly whites. "You look cool (Insert Your Name)" His gaze suddenly shifted to Kennedy and his cheeks turned bright pink. "Hey Kennedy."
"H-hey Jeff..." Kennedy blushed. "You look cute."
She gestured to his crisp white button up shirt and red tie. He wore dress pants and shoes. He had a cherry coke in one hand.
"Timothée you look magnifique!" Jane smiled.
For the first time you noticed Timothy's outfit.
He wore an plaid orange snug-fitting button up shirt, and blue-gray faded jeans.
His slightly curly brown hair was glossy and his gorgeous blue eyes sparkled.
It was a simple outfit, but it looked absolutely amazing on him.
"Think so...?" He asked, looking down at his clothes. He looked up and his eyes met yours.
You flashed a smile and Tim blushed. This moment would have been perfect if it weren't for two things.
1) Ben was nowhere in sight.
2) Alex was

"Hello (Insert your name) I see your looking beautiful as ever." A smooth male voice said from behind you. You spun around and came face to face with Alex Kralie. He looked completely different from the last time you saw him. His glassed were replaced by contact lenses and his hair was grown out. His once frail arms were now toned and muscular.
He looked taller too.
"Hello Alex." You replied nonchalantly.
Alex strode past you and rustled his hand through Timothy's hair roughly.
"Hello Timmy. Glad to see you've finally decided to join society."
"Hello Alexander, glad to see you've learned how to lift a weight." A voice shot back.
Everyone turned to see Ben walking over, his arms were crossed. 
He looked the most magnificent out of everyone. It was his party after all.
He wore a crisp olive green blazer and matching tan dress pants. He was shed of his usual green beanie, letting his golden hair show. He casually wrapped an arm around Jane's wait and glared at Alex. Just then, the lights at the party went out.
Everyone stopped what they were doing, dancing, eating, laughing, all of it stopped.
Somebody let out a scream which was followed by "Shut up!"
You turned to Timothy, who had a worried look on his face.
"You okay?" You mouthed.
"I gotta go." He said quickly, turning on his heel and running down the street.
You saw Alex also had a strange look on his face. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. When someone picked up, he said:

"Alright, hes heading your way. Don't lose sight of him. He wont escape this time."

You gasped as you strained to listen to the response.

"Do I have your permission to kill him?" A voice said.

Alex just smiled.

"No, leave that to me."

Finally heres part 1 of The Proxy!
I made it xtra long for yall!
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Can i get a air horn to wake tim up like i do my brother
FluffyShadowPaw Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Me: *makes sad puppy eyes* But... my friend at schools name is Alex. He would NEVAR hurt anyone.
Ayeni-chan Mar 30, 2014  Student Photographer
Excuse me, but did you used Google Traduction?
Because THIS is not French at all x3 In fact, this doesn't mean anything. (Sorry about my English...French people are not so good with languages x<)
The-Grand-Highblood1 Mar 28, 2014  Student General Artist
It's very hard to wake me up. In other words I sleep like My friend Tim here.
nerdynishz Feb 11, 2014  New member
alex you fucking faggot fuck!

MercyTheFox Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I swear to god the day Alex dies will be the day I get a heart. Oh wait no, I'd still just sit there laughing like a mad man while my dad wondering if I should start going back to my Therapist again. =3=

The-Grand-Highblood1 Mar 28, 2014  Student General Artist
Same. ^-^
Alex your death was fortold nobody touches my friends/colegs
Niky-WildThunder Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You touch him and youll pray for hell, alex!!!
*hides Timmy behind my back*
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