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July 13, 2013
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His words were directed at.... Tim.

You weren't going to let anyone hurt your friend. Tim meant the world to you.
Apparently you weren't the only one who heard Alex's words. In an instant Kennedy and Jeff were at your side, a look of confusion on their faces as they watched Alex head off in the same direction.

"What the heck? Kill him? Who?" Kennedy ranted quietly
"I Think we need to go find Mas- *ahem* Tim." Jeff coughed as if he were trying to correct his words.
"He was headed towards the woods, Alex too." You added, turning to Jane.
"Sorry Jane, we have to go get Timothy. We'll be back."
"Okay." She nodded.

The three of you headed off in the direction Tim and Alex took, stopping once you reached the woods.
"This is freaky... and I don't wanna get my dress all dirty." Kennedy whined.
Jeff snorted and held back one of his trademark cackles. "Fine then Ken, you can stay here alone."
Kennedy snapped out of her ranting and analyzed the situation. "No! Wait! Thats even worse!"
"Lets just go already! Tim could be in danger!" You snapped.
Taking a deep breath, the three of you entered the thick woods, you were careful to avoid anything that could trip you or snag onto your dress.

"Girl, we are never going to find Tim if we stick together. These woods are small, we should split up." Kennedy suggested. Jeff paused and stroked his chin thoughtfully, turning to Kennedy.
"Actually that could be THE DUMBEST FREAKING IDEA EVER!" He yelled.
"What! Don't you yell at me Jeffery! _______ Back me up." She pleaded.
You sighed. These two could really act simple.
"We have to split up in order to find Tim." Kennedy said, glaring at Jeff when he mockingly made a hand puppet and began copying her.
"Oh yeah? Well I 'order' you to GET OUT!" He snapped, stomping his foot like a kid throwing a temper tantrum.
"Really you two, you guys act like an old married couple-"
"WE ARE NOT A COUPLE!" The both screamed.
This was beginning to get on you nerves. You sighed, grabbed the flashlight out of Jeff's hands, and began walking into the woods.
"Hey where are you going?" Jeff asked.
You didn't reply, but kept walking until you could no longer see or hear Jeff and Kennedy.

You hopped over logs and rocks, calling out Tim's name. 
Because of the fading light you hooked the flashlight handle on your belt.
Suddenly you saw a figure on you right.
"Tim? Is that y-"
You yelped as the figure launched out at you and pinned you to the ground.
Even though it was late, there was enough daylight left you see your attacker.
It was Alex.
"Alex! Get off of me!" You spat, struggling to escape his grip.
"You shouldn't have come here." He growled.
You managed to kick him in a sensitive spot and he fell next to you. You took this opportunity to run.
Alex cursed and chased after you, calling after you like a maniac.
You ran until you saw the lake a few meters away.
Alex had cornered you.
This wasn't the Red Sea, It wasn't going to miraculously split and give you a strait pathway to the other side.
You cursed under your breath and looked for an escape.

That when you spotted it.
An abandoned house sat about 15 meters to your left.
You darted quickly and ran until you reached the front door.
It was already open.
Running inside you headed to the back of the house to hide until you thought Alex was gone.
You leapt inside a small closet and closed the door.
You could hear his voice from outside, calling you.
You flinched as he opened the front door and stepped inside, the wooden floorboards creaking under his shoes.
"Where are you?" He muttered, opening every door and cupboard he came across.
You wanted to cry; never in your life had you experienced something this utterly terrifying.

Alex wanted to kill you.

But where was Tim?

"You should come out _______. You can either come out, or be taken by The Proxy."

....Say what?

What's a Proxy?

"You thought you little Timothy was just perfect huh? Well... he's not. 
I'm going to uncover his darkest secret if its the last thing I do. Then...

I'm going to kill him."

At that moment he opened the door to the closet you were hiding in. You screamed and he laughed.
"It's a shame I have to kill you... You're so beautiful.
"Go to hell." You growled kneeing him in his manhood as hard as humanly possible.
He howled in pain and released you. You scrambled for a door that lead to the basement.
It was pitch black down there.
"Can't see me in the dark...." You thought, quickly descending down the staircase.

You wandered around blindly, searching for your flashlight.
Alex could attack you at any moment, or that thing that he was trying to keep a secret.
"Wheres that stupid flashlight?" You muttered to yourself.
You felt something move behind you.
You tried to scream as someones arms wrapped around you painfully.
"Cant run anymore (Insert Your Name)!" Alex growled.
You struggled against his grip, trying desperately to get away from him.
You slipped on something and fell to the floor. You backed up against the wall screaming for someone to help you. 
"Jeff! Kennedy! Tim! Help me!!"

Alex took a step closer in the darkness. 
"I'm sorry that I have to kill you... But I cant let you leave... You know too much."
Alex pulled out a pocket knife and held it up to your throat.
You yelped as the blade slowly drew blood. Alex let out a sickening laugh.
Suddenly you head a loud cracking noise as Alex body fell limply to the floor.
You looked up and saw someone... He wore a mask with black holes where the eyes should be and delicate black lips. The only thing showing were his blue eyes, He was holding a large bloody brick in his hands. He dropped it and took a step closer.
"No... please don't kill me...." You cried.
The masked figure flinched and took a step back, as if hurt by your words.
"No, no! I-I wont hurt you...." It said in a young boys voice.

That voice... was so familiar...

The boy pulled you off the ground and hugged you, making you gasp.
"Alex was going to hurt you.... I um..."
The boy then let go of you and pulled off his mask.
Finally! part 2 to The Proxy is finally out!!! Yay!!! :iconkermityayplz:
darn you Alex! :iconislapyouplz:
hope yall enjoy!

I dont own anything creepypasta
Alex Kraile belongs to himself
You belong to Masky :3
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Were you had that thing after darn you alex lol thats My Bride is a Mermaid!! And lol Kermit is havin a serizure
Magicthekiller Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Are you going to write more?
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We are not a couple :3
I see what you did there XD
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Wow! This is Awesome!
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This is awesome!!!!!!
Um..this is really good but I never see Alex x Reader,could you mind trying a hand at writing one?
Eyeless-Jack101 Mar 8, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
My Mom from the kitchen: DON'T FORGET TO SAY PLEASE
Me: ...Please...
MLP02 Mar 1, 2014
well I belong to ej but okay im good with this but is there gonna be more??
Red-Love41 Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is amazing, do you plan to make another part to it?
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